Hello, 2021

Dear Daydreamer, 

It's January 1st 2021, which means we finally made it through 2020! It feels like an achievement in itself just to be able to sit and type this post. Like me, you're probably being inundated with "new year, new you" posts on all your social channels right now. Promises of a new body, a new start, a new, better version of you.

The truth is, these are all marketing ploys designed to feed on your self-esteem and hope that you feel badly enough about yourself to part with some money. Daydreamer, hear this: you are enough. Just as you are. You don't need an eight week shred or a 30 day juice detox. You don't need to throw out half of your possessions or take advantage of every sale online. You made it through one of the most difficult years that most of us will ever experience and that is more than enough and in my book, means you deserve a rest not more pressure!

In 2020 we grieved the loss of so much and so many. Some lost loved ones, some lost important days, some lost employment, some lost celebrations. Through this collective grief, we all clung to each other. We learned once more that love always wins. That our combined strength meant we could overcome anything. 2020 has taught us so much and tested resilience we didn't know we had.

And so many good things still happened. Renewable electricity exceeded fossil fuel generation during the first half of 2020 and fossil fuel use fell by 18% while renewable energy increased by 11%. A record number of Olive Ridley endangered sea turtles hatched in Mexico. The world finally started to wake up to the fact that #BlackLivesMatter and we raised our voices all around the world for George Floyd and the countless others who have fallen at the hands of extreme injustice. Countless endangered species experienced baby booms in the wild. The amazing scientists of our world created the coronavirus vaccine. 

Daydreamer, I enter 2021 with optimism. I commit to living a life with kindness as my core value. Granted sometimes I'm grumpy if I don't have coffee in the morning or if I'm tired but hey, I'm human too. I commit to growing this beautiful little brand which was born during lockdown and using my voice to speak for the voiceless. 

I ask you this: what will make you happy? Think about it and whisper the answer to yourself quietly, then go get it. 2021 is yours, Daydreamer.

With love,

Lucy xx


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