Morning Skincare Routine

Some mornings are for long lie-ins, coffee in bed and reading the paper. Other mornings are for waking up with the sun, dashing through the shower at the speed of light and whizzing to your first meeting (virtual or otherwise). 

Whatever your morning looks like, your core skincare routine shouldn't have to change. Your skincare regime should be simple and quick enough for you to complete every day as it's the consistency which gives you the results, not single or sporadic application. Some days you might find yourself with enough time on your hands to pop on a clay mask before hopping in the shower or to relax with a sheet mask while you listen to the radio, but the core steps should be the same day in, day out.

Pictured: Snowflower Illuminating Oil

With countless products promising the world all over your social feed, it's taken me a long time to realise that the best skincare regime is the one which works for you. Your ideal regime might include different products from different brands and that's okay! There isn't a one size fits all solution. 

One of the reasons why I founded Reverie was to share amazing products and brands from all over the world. Over the last five years. I've done a huge amount of research on animal testing policies, organic ingredients and botanical benefits of certain plants when used in skincare.

I'm lucky enough to be able to share some of the treasures I've come across during this research with you through Reverie, Daydreamer.

My morning skincare routine changes ever so slightly, but during the week when time is tight and I'm getting up to start work - it's the core, express routine which works for me.

I wash my face in the shower using the Edible Beauty Belle Frais Cleanser. This is a really light, milky formula which leaves my skin feeling refreshed and clean. It also makes my skin feel bright and ready to go for the day! If I'm not in a huge rush, I'll also grab a salty handful of Salt + Steam goodness for a quick exfoliate. My current favourite is the French Press scrub.

Pictured: Belle Frais Cleansing Milk

Once I'm out the shower I'll use the Edible Beauty Citrus Rhapsody Toner Mist. I started using this product about four years ago and prior to that had never used a toner before. I love how fresh it makes my skin feel and I use it throughout the day too, especially when I'm working at my desk on my laptop to revive my complexion.

Finally, I apply a light layer of the Edible Beauty Vanilla Silk Lotion with a few drops of the Snowflower Illuminating Oil on top. The Lotion on its own is quite light and leaves a lovely matte finish. I prefer a dewy, glowy look which is why the few drops of the Snowflower Oil are the magic, finishing touch! The oil is super light, non-greasy and sinks into your skin quickly leaving a lit-from-within glow behind.

I always use the Rose Lip Polish too, this gives my lips a great base to apply Le Lip Tint (Ambre Rose is my favourite) or a lipstick if I'm dressing up.

Pictured: Rose Lip Polish

At this point, I'll brush my hair out of its wet shower tangles while all my skincare sinks in for a few minutes. Once the oil has had 2-3 minutes to sink in and my skin reaps the benefits of all the antioxidants, I'm good to go with any makeup I feel like applying that day.

That's it! An express morning skincare regime which is quick and easy to maintain. Once or twice a week if I have time, I'll use the Desert Lime Exfoliant before the Cleanser to gently scrub away any dead skin cells, promote skin cell regeneration and give myself an extra shot of glow.

Pictured: Desert Lime Micro Exfoliant

I'd love to hear more about your skincare regime and what your favourite products are, so drop me a message in the comments with your favourite cruelty-free brands.

If you need any advice on how to create a sustainable morning skincare routine, or help switching to cruelty-free or vegan products - please get in touch and I'd be delighted to help.

Have a wonderful day, Daydreamer.


Lucy x

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