Turning Black Friday GREEN.

One Reverie Order = Five Trees Planted

When I decided to launch Reverie, my vision was to create a boutique where I could use my voice and platform to raise awareness and encourage positive change. I pledged to use my voice for the voiceless and to speak up for causes which I care about.

Then around rolls Black Friday. A frenzied shopping day which encourages over-consumption and snap-decisions. As a new and small business, this day is incredibly stressful as the pressure to slash our prices in an attempt to rake in sales is overwhelming.

However, this isn't why I started Reverie. This isn't a money making machine, this is my passion project. A way to bring you a thoughtful curation of beautiful, ethical pieces which I hope you will love as much as I do. A way to support causes and create a platform for positive change.

I've thought long and hard about what Black Friday means and what it stands for over the last few weeks. Traditionally, it was a celebration of businesses reaching the point in the year when their numbers come out of the red and into the black as profits start to turn and festive shopping begins. Now, it feels like an excuse to discount and shift as much stock as possible, regardless of the cost and impact. I've thought a lot about how we can still welcome the Christmas Shopping Season but in a mindful way.

So, I want to thank you for shopping with Reverie and for being part of our community. All orders placed today will receive a little free gift (a surprise!) and instead of planting one tree for your order, we'll plant five.

Our partnership with Ecologi allows us to plant trees on your behalf in an effort to offset our carbon and restore natural habitats around the world.

If you do shop today, make mindful decisions. Don't allow marketing messages to trick you into buying something you don't need. Buy things which you love, things which will last from brands who you feel an affinity to.

Have a lovely weekend Daydreamer and stay warm! This cold is no joke.

With Love,

Lucy xx

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