The Honeymoon Apothecary

Carnevale Candle


Introducing the beautiful Folktale Collection from The Honeymoon Apothecary. Reminiscent of old fairytales and walks through autumnal woods, with golden leaves crunching underfoot.

Roll up roll up, the show is about to begin! Carnevale conjures the feeling of candyfloss smiles and red noses, a winter fairground filled with mystery and excitement. You can smell popped corn, pumpkin pastries and hot cocoa on the midnight breeze. The stars wink conspiratorially at you. Market stalls selling all kinds of wonders, from genie wishes to mermaid tears. Big striped tents lie before you, holding magic and childhood dreams inside. 

Carnevale is scented with pumpkin and spices, the sweet scent of autumn and village fairs. 

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