The Honeymoon Apothecary

Soothsayer Candle


Introducing the beautiful Folktale Collection from The Honeymoon Apothecary. Reminiscent of old fairytales and walks through autumnal woods, with golden leaves crunching underfoot.

You’re sitting in a tavern at a forest crossroads, seeking shelter as a storm blows outside, rain pelting the shutters and wind howling. You find yourself drifting off by the crackling fire, a hot bourbon with a swirl of cinnamon in hand, listening to the background murmur and quiet harp music.

Suddenly the door whistles open, the candles extinguished, a hush descends throughout. A mysterious traveller enters, his hood moon drenched and his eyes filled with stories, the future on his lips.

Soothsayer is inspired by the seer, the lone traveller, the mysterious stranger, the hooded mystic who walks between villages and worlds, telling you stories about yourself that no one could ever know. Scented with dark honey, bourbon and tobacco with spices, the most autumnal of scents, dark, rich and aromatic.

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