Salt + Steam

Rosé Facial Steam


The Rosé Facial Steam is a beautiful floral blend of rose essential oil and natural salts. Notes of lavender and sweet orange drift in to soothe and revitalise. The perfect way to awaken your skin, restore glow and open up your pores to let the goodness in.

Simply pour a bowl or basin full of hot, steamy water and drop in a few tablespoons of these salts. Lean into the steam and drape a towel over the back of your head to create a trap for the steam. Stay about 30cm from the water. Allow the steam and essential oils to open your pores and sinuses for about ten minutes, then apply a serum or moisturiser to lock in the glow.

Please note, due to Salt + Steam's supply chain difficulties during the last few months some lids may be bamboo rather than cork.

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