The brands we work with to keep Reverie stocked with beautiful products have been carefully selected and all meet our high standards of sustainability and ethical production.

Edible Beauty
Location: Sydney, Australia

I first met Anna Mitsios, founder of Edible Beauty, back in 2017. She was a client of the agency I was working for at the time and I immediately fell in love with her brand, her vision and her products.

I'd recently started to follow a plant-based diet and had embraced using only natural and organic beauty products, so our meeting was serendipitous. At the time my skin wasn't great and Anna was kind enough to recommend some products from her range to me to try. Within a few weeks of using the Core Four and the illuminating oils, my skin was literally glowing. I stopped wearing foundation and followed a strict, natural skincare regime.

When I first told Anna about my idea for Reverie, she was so supportive and encouraging. I'm delighted to be working with Anna again and sharing the delights of natural skincare by introducing you to Edible Beauty.

Each product is proudly vegan, cruelty-free and sustainably wildcrafted from Australian botanicals and ingredients. There is no compromise on luxury either, each product comes in beautiful packaging and the scents and textures are second to none.

George & Edi
Location: Wanaka, New Zealand

I first stumbled across George & Edi in 2018 while I was in Wanaka on a Christmas holiday with my fiancé. We were doing a road trip of the South Island, and beautiful Wanaka was one of our stops along the way. We pottered through the little town, explored the lake and during a sudden downpour of rain we ducked into a small homeware and gift shop.

I immediately noticed the George & Edi product display and was drawn to the stunning botanical wrapping. To my delight, I found a Peony solid perfume. Anyone who knows me knows I adore peonies and am always on the lookout for the perfect peony fragrance. Well, this one blew me away. I purchased a small armful of peony, fig and orchid scented candles and perfumes and was completely hooked on the perfect fragrances. 2 years on, I refuse to burn my Black Orchid candle!

George & Edi is a small, artisan brand specialising in luxury soy candles and fragrances for your body and home. Featuring timeless, quality products which rejoice in simplicity, George & Edi fragrances will bring a touch of luxury to your every day.

Palm of Feronia
Location: London, England

Feronia is the ancient Roman goddess associated with wildlife, fertility, health, healing and abundance. Founded by Sophia Harding, Palm of Feronia was born from a passion for clean, organic and earth-derived ingredients with a proven history of positive effects for not only the skin, but emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Each ingredient is carefully sourced for sustainability and maximum therapeutic effect, not for look or smell. Palm of Feronia is hand-blended in small batches by Sophia in South East London.

Wild Fawn Jewellery
Location: London, England

Emma Barnes created Wild Fawn in January 2015 when her love for making and drawing transformed into the love of working with silver and gold to make timeless jewellery that can be enjoyed every day. With a background in Anthropology, Emma knows that it's incredibly important to learn about where and how her materials are sourced and how people and cultures can be negatively affected by mining silver and gold.

Emma is a registered Fairtrade gold user which means that the gold she uses to make each piece of jewellery is either recycled or produced fairly and transparently. Buying Fairtrade gold helps to build miners futures by investing in social projects such as new schools and healthcare, and most importantly, to make their own way to prosperity. 

Wild Fawn specialises in beautiful, delicate pieces of jewellery which will make the perfect addition to your own collection or a gift for a loved one.

La Aquarelle
Location: London, England

The idea behind La Aquarelle was a need to get in touch with nature at night with the help (support) of beautiful, eco-friendly natural aids.

La Aquarelle uses botanicals, plant matter, and minerals to dye a fabric to create different shades of natural colours and patterns to ensure that each piece is unique. Plant dyeing is simple process, much simpler than synthetic. It involves extracting colour present in the nature and fixing it on fabric. The whole process is 100% toxic and chemical free. 

All products are handmade with love and care to give a better nights sleep to you and the planet.

The Honeymoon Apothecary
Location: The Lakes, England

The Honeymoon Apothecary is a beautiful, boutique business specialising in hand-poured soy candles. Scented with organic, healing oils and decorated with healing crystals, flower petals and organic leaves The Honeymoon Apothecary's candles are created with intent, purpose and love.

Bringing luxury and magic to your everyday life, these candles and soul soaks are sure to help you relax, unwind and embrace your inner goddess.