Edible Beauty Australia

I first met Anna Mitsios, founder of Edible Beauty, back in 2017. She was a client of the agency I was working for at the time and I immediately fell in love with her brand, her vision and her products.

I'd recently started to follow a plant-based diet and had embraced using only natural and organic beauty products, so our meeting was serendipitous. Within a few weeks of using the Core Four and the illuminating oils, my skin was literally glowing. I stopped wearing foundation and followed a strict, natural skincare regime.

When I first told Anna about my idea for Reverie, she was so supportive and encouraging. I'm delighted to be working with Anna again and sharing the delights of natural skincare by introducing you to Edible Beauty.

Each product is proudly vegan, cruelty-free and sustainably wildcrafted from Australian botanics and ingredients. There is no compromise on luxury either, each product comes in beautiful packaging and the scents and textures are second to none.