Dear Daydreamer,

Reverie exists with one simple mission: to provide you with a curation of luxurious, sustainable pieces to brighten your home and day. The idea of creating a concept boutique has always been in the back of my mind.

In 2015, I began working for an eCommerce agency servicing fashion and beauty brands. I started providing consultation for different brands to help boost their online presence, develop strategies for their marketing and help with product and brand direction. Working closely with brands and partners exposed me to some incredible artisans and entrepreneurs and the idea of Reverie began to crystallise.

In 2017, I decided to begin following a plant-based diet and consequently uncovered a lot of information about the beauty and fashion industries. I was shocked to learn about the chemicals in my night cream, the fact that my shampoo was from a brand which supported animal testing and the toxic fabric content of some of my clothes. By the time I'd finished emptying my beauty bag and our kitchen cupboards, I was horrified by the amount of animal tested chemicals in the house.

Immediately, my shopping habits changed. I started avoiding larger stores because I became so tired of standing in the middle of the shop floor holding a lipstick in one hand and my phone in the other, frantically Googling whether or not the brand was cruelty free before I could decide whether or not to purchase it.

So there it started...

I began to seek out small brands who specialised in organic, vegan skincare and cruelty-free beauty. While I was excited about being able to learn about new brands and discover new products, it became a bit frustrating when I needed to order a new moisturiser from one brand, serum from another, makeup remover from another and mascara from somewhere else entirely.

I remember thinking to myself how much easier it would be if there was one place, or website, I could go to which had everything I needed without needing to check if something was organic or cruelty-free. In that moment, Reverie came into perfect focus.

My reverie has always been a world where kindness comes first and sustainability lies at the heart of a business. Daydreamer, I offer you a destination where you can browse a beautifully curated collection of sustainable, ethical pieces from brands all over the world.

#MyReverie is now my reality. Feel free to join me.

With love,

Lucy xx