Reverie Collection

When I founded Reverie, I always had a vision that one day we would have our own collection. I'm not a designer, nor am I even a very good seamstress so I always knew I'd never be able to create a Reverie Collection on my own.

I had a very clear vision of what the collection should look like. I had a strong sense of who would wear the collection and how she would feel when wearing it. Where she would go, how she'd style it.

Reverie was founded on the core belief of finding little moments of escapism in your everyday life. Taking an extra long shower, using a special body scrub. Taking more time than usual to gently massage your serum into your skin. Finding luxury in the moments when you wake up and wrap yourself in your beautiful, handmade dressing gown.

Who made your gown? Meet the women who brought this collection to life.

Photo, L-R: Guddan, Deepa, Maya, Jyoti, Nisha and Lali


All of the fabric used in this collection is block printed by hand in India using traditional, conscious techniques. The fabric is then sourced by Jyoti at her local markets to be hand sewn into the designs.

Hand block printing is a centuries old Indian art form which utilises a hand carved teak wood block which is then dipped in dye and stamped by hand onto the fabric. The design for the block is usually a traditional Indian motif. The motif is traced onto a block by a master craftsman who chips away at the block to create a stamp.

Meet Jyoti

I connected with Jyoti at the start of 2021. We exchanged lots of messages and I told her all about Reverie and learned a lot about the tiny home studio which she owns and runs in Unchahar, which is in the northern Uttar Pradesh state of India.

Jyoti is a mum of two and has seven team members who work between their own homes and her home studio. Jyoti started her small business on Etsy with the support of her husband when her second baby was born as she wanted to be self dependent and express her creativity through design. She already knew all about tie dying and block printing as well as textiles, so her small online shop was born. Her early team members were Maya and Khushboo, but as the orders grew Jyoti needed more help so Guddan, Jitendra Kumar and Om Prakash joined the team too.

In the early days, Jyoti would buy any available fabric from Jaipur but now she gives her designs to local artisans who create special stamps for her work. Once the fabric is ready, Jyoti's team bring the design to life, carefully hand stitching each piece.

One of the reasons why I was so keen to work with Jyoti was for her incredible compassion for her team members and her craft. She balances being a mother with being a successful studio owner and encourages her team members to balance their own home responsibilities with their work. Some of Reverie's core values are sustainability and kindness and Jyoti shares these values - evident through her small manufacturing to minimise fabric waste and her wonderful support of her community and team.


I have done work for many brands and many boutiques in France, UAE, Nigeria, Singapore, Thailand...but they have never tagged my name. I really feel proud that Reverie will be writing my story and I am grateful to Lucy REVERIE'S OWNER. She is such a kind and generous lady I have ever met on Etsy ...From the very first conversation she gave me quite nice impression..I don't work anywhere except on Etsy so it will be like a global platform again ...giving our small brand glory and fame ....I promise to give the same quality and customer services in near future too...and my best wishes and blessings for Reverie and dear Lucy.