The Honeymoon Apothecary

The Honeymoon Apothecary is a beautiful, boutique business specialising in hand-poured soy candles. Scented with organic, healing oils and decorated with healing crystals, flower petals and organic leaves. The Honeymoon Apothecary's candles are created with intent, purpose and love.

Bringing luxury and magic to your everyday life, these candles and soul soaks are sure to help you relax, unwind and embrace your inner goddess. Blending luxury with eco-friendly ingredients, The Honeymoon Apothecary is a match made in heaven for the Reverie Woman.

Perfect for a treat for yourself, hold your crystals close and repeat the affirmations which come with each candle to bring balance and harmony to your day. Alternatively, these make a lovely and thoughtful gift for a friend or family member.