The Reverie Woman

She's soft and she's strong, a beautiful juxtaposition. She wears her heart on her sleeve, unafraid of the consequences of doing so.

She knows her worth, she knows her values and she holds them close, they're her moral compass, her guiding lights. She's fiercely loyal to those who she loves and she loves honestly and openly. Her emotions run deep, ruled by the moon and the ever changing lunar tide. 

To feel warmth is to feel the full, golden glow of her smile. To bask in the safety of her presence and know when she says "I understand" she truly means it. Her empathy is both a blessing and a curse - she feels everything so acutely. Her arms are a fortress, her eyes are a window to her beautiful soul.

Above all, The Reverie Woman is kind. So kind. Unwavering, unmatched. Her kindness is where her beauty shines from, her honest, golden heart shining warmth.

There is no being too small, or too great, for The Reverie Woman. All which walk our planet are worthy of her time, her protection and her love.