Wild Fawn Jewellery

Emma Barnes created Wild Fawn in January 2015 when her love for making and drawing transformed into the love of working with silver and gold to make timeless jewellery that can be enjoyed every day.

With a background in Anthropology, Emma knows that it's incredibly important to learn about where and how her materials are sourced and how people and cultures can be negatively affected by mining silver and gold.

Emma is a registered Fairtrade gold user which means that the gold she uses to make each piece of jewellery is either recycled or produced fairly and transparently. Buying Fairtrade gold helps to build miners futures by investing in social projects such as new schools and healthcare, and most importantly, to make their own way to prosperity.

When I first discovered Emma's designs on Instagram, I knew she and her designs were the perfect fit for Reverie. Perfectly blending incredible, luxurious design with a strong focus on sustainability, Wild Fawn is the finishing touch for the Reverie Woman. Effortless simplicity, the beauty is in the minimalistic designs. A delicate, solid gold necklace here and a statement hoop earring there, Wild Fawn shines with luxury and charm.