The Wild Botanist

Tobacum, Chocolate & Orange Candle



A unique blend of smokey Tobacum Plant, South American tonka bean & smooth vanilla orchid blended with subtle citrus orange notes. A beautiful fragrance to welcome the Autumn season into your home with - this scent has been expertly blended and poured by hand in the UK.

Available in two sizes: medium & large. The medium jar will burn for up to 30 hours and the large comes with a double wick longer time burn of 90 hours.

Tobacum, Chocolate & Orange
Top note: Tobacum Plant.
Middle notes: Chocolate, Vanilla.
Base notes: Cinnamon, Subtle Citrus.

Insp. The Great Oaktree.

I. Stories of Wisdom. II. Camp Fires. III. Rough Wool.

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