Sweet Dreams Bundle

£75 £99

Sweet Dreams, beautiful! This gift bundle has been curated to help aid your sweetest dreams. Perfect for those who value a serene and calm bedtime routine, these products have been chosen because they are full of relaxing fragrances and tactile fabrics. 

The perfect gift for a loved one who needs some TLC and early nights to recharge and relax.

The Sweet Dreams Bundle includes the Beauty Sleep facial steam to relax the mind and a hydrating lip treat to keep your lips soft and nourished. This bundle also includes one of our bestselling bamboo silk sleep masks to gently protect your eyes, lashes and brows while you sleep.

We have also included our bestselling Sleeping Beauty Night Cream in this bundle for maximum luxury. Full of Australian Pink Clay, this little pot of magic will detox your skin while you sleep so you'll wake up glowing like the goddess you are.

Sweet Dreams!

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