The Wild Botanist

The Polar Express Candle


Christmas has arrived at Reverie with the Bookcase Collection by The Wild Botanist. Made from 100% soy wax and pure essential oils, hand poured in the UK.

Bold and warming ginger is the first note you pick up from The Polar Express, and it excites and delights the senses - Christmas is coming! Beautifully blended with buttery biscuit and brown sugar for a little sweetness then delicately woven into rich vanilla, cinnamon and clove.

Top note: Ginger.
Middle notes: Spicy Clove, Vanilla.
Base notes: Biscuit, Cinnamon.

“The thing about trains…it doesn’t matter where they’re going. What matters is deciding to get on.”

As you run your fingers across the traditional bookbinding textured label, feeling each deep impression left by the letterpress printing technique that dates back to the 1400’s there's a feeling of excitement, as if you’re about to delve into something very special.

When you start to turn the candle, first revealing the spine, each unique design bursts into life as the gold foil glimmers in the light. Once you reach the back, there’s a meaningful passage inscribed from the book itself along with a scent description that entices you to open it and reveal the aroma that awaits.

Burn time: Up to 30 hours.

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